Agriware E-Learning & Training
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Role-Specific Training Modules

In the Agriware E-Learning Training, you can expect to learn a variety of skills and knowledge areas tailored to specific roles within the horticulture industry.

For Field Managers:

Learn software navigation and key feature access; master data entry and analysis for crop management; develop advanced reporting and trend analysis skills.

For Administrative Staff:

Optimize resource allocation and scheduling; enhance customer relations and data management; manage financial aspects and reporting effectively.

For Executives:

Utilize data for strategic decision-making; align software with business strategies; learn market analysis and forecasting techniques.
Language: Eng
Subtitles: Esp, Deu
Level: Beginner

Application Onboarding

This e-learning course will guide you through the basics of using Agriware 365 BC. It lays the foundation for working effectively with Agriware, teaching you how to navigate the application and locate the information you need.
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Agriware 365 training modular, self-paced e-learning

Video Tutorials
Explore Agriware products at your own pace through various modules featuring video tutorials that delve into the 'why' and 'how' aspects.
Modulair structure
The course is structured in modules, offering 'how-to' tutorials for system operation and setup. Each module concludes with a practical assignment
Agriware Certificate
Get Agriware certified! Looking for a good preparation for the Microsoft Exam? Choose the variant that suits you best.

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