Agriware 365 Business Central
For Plant Nurseries and Greenhouse Growers

Agriware 365 for Microsoft Business Central

Horticultural Companies using next-generation integrated ERP system from Mprise Agriware to efficiently manage complex processes and evolving market demands
ERP Suite

Features Agriware 365 Business Central


Predict yields with precision using historical and real-time data integration.


Efficiently plan, execute, and register all production activities for seamless operations.

Labor & Space

Optimize workforce deployment and greenhouse space to enhance productivity.

Job Costing

Accurately allocate costs to jobs for financial clarity and profitability analysis.

Quality Control

Meet customers quality demands, with accurate inspections results

Time Management

Automate time registrations and seamlessly integrate with your payroll system for accuracy.


Automaticly manage contracts, including those for outsourced production and licensing.


Tailor production strategies to meet demand. Produce to Order, Produce to Stock

Agriware 365 unifies data across your organization, connecting your people with continuous insights, to adapt to everyday changes.

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Comprehensive ERP Suite

Planning & Registration

Improve work planning by understanding labor organization strategies, essential materials like pots, and effective space utilization. Evaluate how batch production affects space and adjust batch schedules accordingly. Reference historical plant data to inform future production plans
  • Labor Scheduling & Time Tracking
  • Calculate required material
  • Analysis of historical plant data
  • Space Allocation & Optimization.
  • Analysis of historical plant data
  • Resource Management
Enhanced Warehouse Management

Finance & CRM

Assess your financial well-being and cash flow. Efficiently handle payables and receivables. Streamline approval procedures. Anticipate sales and inventory requirements.
  • Indentfy most profitable plants
  • Break down the costs associated to production
  • Dive deeper into the costs associated with individual batches, including materials, labor, overhead
  • Identify the range of products that offer the highest profit margins
  • Find top revenue-generating customers.
Enhanced Warehouse Management


Using both past and real-time field data, accurately forecast yields. Optimize greenhouse and field space for different crops and their growth stages. Guarantee the quality of each batch to meet set standards. Monitor waste and scrap.
  • Space Management
  • Quality Control
  • Resource Allocation
  • Production Analytics
Enhanced Warehouse Management

Inventory & Logistics

Streamline plant picking for orders and stock, manage composite product packing efficiently, and optimize loading structures for containers to pallets. Schedule your trucks effortlessly, handle reusable containers/ carts /pallets , and monitor inventory in real-time
  • Plant Picking
  • Load structure optimization
  • Truck planning
  • Reusable Container Management
  • Real-time Inventory Tracking
  • Racking optimazation
  • Composite Product Packing
  • Integration-ready Solutions
Agriware 365

Sales & Order Management

Handle sales from inquiry to delivery, ensuring accurate order fulfillment. Monitor real-time inventory, manage pricing, and customize orders to meet specific customer needs. Track customer agreements for pricing, discounts, delivery, and fulfillment details
  • Simplify stock sharing and webshop product lists
  • Track customer agreements for pricing, discounts, delivery, and fulfillment details
  • Track supply distribution for precise delivery
  • Instant and future order availability

Optimize operational efficiency with Horticulture ERP

Using Microsoft technology, Agriware 365 is open to all kind of integrations. Next to our out of the box connectors, custom integrations can easily be realized. Typical integration we do:
  • MES systems (automated greenhouses)
  • EDI interfaces with suppliers and customers
  • Master-ERP <> Farm management
  • Transport Management System
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