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Seed & Cuttings

Seed & Cuttings

Streamlined Seed Production & Comprehensive Farm Management

Agriware 365 serves as a comprehensive farm management system, overseeing every facet from planning & contracting to monitoring, harvesting, and cleaning.
Agriware provides specialized software tailored for seed producers, streamlining both breeding and (hybrid) seed production processes.
With our platform, efficiently manage both indoor and outdoor crop productions, encompassing vegetables, flowers, and ornamentals.
The traceability chain creates a complete record of what is done, where, and by whom
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Office Solutions

Agriware 365 manages planning, contracting, seed processing, warehousing, and shipments, locally and globally.

Field Solutions

Full Suite of Mobile apps. Use for instance our Inspect app for offline crop inspections in remote areas. Monitor quality and estimate yield!

Insights & Control

Agriware 365 gives you the insights and tools to elevate your organization, guiding decisions and connecting your team.

Automate Traceability

Automate the traceability chain of seeds. Create new varieties and keep track of history and actions.

Data Integration

Link external data for a complete picture and swiftly add new data or images throughout the crop lifecycle.

Planning & Inspection

Actions and inspections can be planned in advance or added ad hoc during cultivation.

"Agriware offers us in-depth insights that allow us to make better-informed choices."

Ernst Barendregt, CFO Royal van Zanten

We start with the sales forecast and Agriware
helps us calculate the space requirements for mother plants...

Dalat Hasfarms

Precise Cuttings Management

Effortlessly manage your cuttings, both locally and abroad. We ensure seamless coordination between planned sales forecasts, actual orders, and upcoming (un)rooted cuttings production

Mother Plant & Cuttings Rooting

Gain insights and address irregularities during cuttings production with our comprehensive overview of mother plant and cuttings rooting management.

Cold Storage

Keep track of your cuttings with real-time insights into availability, picking dates, origin, and locations within your cold storage facilities

Availability vs. Expected

Our platform enables you to compare planned unrooted cutting (URC) and rooted cutting (RC) availability against expected demand, helping you make informed production decisions

Tissue Culture Management

Gain better oversight of your multiplication and scrap reasons in your tissue culture process. Holistically manage your tissue culture operations.

Insight Sharing in Plant Management

Before cutting material, users can pre-log tasks and inspections, effortlessly sharing data on quality, health, growth, and yield.

Cold Storage Inventory Management

Oversee batch growth - maintain clarity. Actions can be logged by the user before cutting the plant material.

Location management - Optimization

Moving trays or boxes becomes manageable in Agriware
Tissue Culture
Industry solutions

The Agriware 365 Products


Office Solution

Navigate your company with comprehensive ERP system enhancing operations, financial management, sales..

Mobile Apps

Gain instant field insights with our mobile solution, reducing labor and enhancing quality and accuracy.

Business Analytics

Managers gain deeper insights with advanced visualizations into their business & operations..

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